My small business journey

Decemeber 2016 I decided to take the next step in my life. I had been wanting to start my own small business for months and I finally decided to do so. I always knew I wanted to create a custom vinyls design business. Creating vinyl decals to apply to your favorite items or selling them already on items. With this vision I bought what I needed and make some marketing pages and then RIM Binyl designs was born! I was so excited to start my own business. It felt like such a big step into becoming more of an adult. I started by buying my machine that would cut the vinyl. That was a big expensive step but I was so excited to do so. Once the machine arrived I was able to buy vinyl and items to apply the vinyl to. I started by customising tumblers and wine glasses. After designing them the next big question was “How am I going to sell these?” I debated a lot if I wanted to use Etsy or not. I decided to but i’m not a huge fan. It takes a lot to make and they charge to sell on there. It was also hard to give exact sizes of the boxes you would be shipping in so they could charge shipping. It was just more work then it was worth. So I decided to create an Instagram and Facebook page just for my business and it was one of the best things I did. I was able to post and make sales right through Instagram and Facebook messaging using cash, checks, money orders and paypal. Now after working out my selling choice I have had lots of sales and lots of followers. I am now selling my tumblers and wine glasses along with sippy cups, bottles, onesies, decals, water bottles, coffee mugs, shirts, shot glasses and much much more! Starting my own business has been such an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend starting your own if your ever thinking about it!

Below is the link to my business Instagram, Facebook and Etsy incase your interested in my products or purchasing.

Or simply email me if your interested!

Below are some examples of items I have done so far!


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