Review on: Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life

IMG_2325.JPG  Your favorite mother and daughter duo are back again after nine long years. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore return to Stars Hollow drinking coffee at Luke’s diner every morning, Kurt is still trying to find the right business for him, Emily still don’t approve of Lorelai’s life and Rory still can’t find the perfect guy for her. Gilmore Girls ended in 2007 with Rory graduating from Yale at age 23 and leaving Stars Hollow to go work for a newspaper. It picks up nine years later when Rory is 32 coming back to Stars Hollow from London to visit. Many things have changed over those years.
Luke and Lorelai after all those years finally got married and it was very nice to see them get married. After dating for so many years it was something I think we have all been waiting for and it was exciting to see them get married because they seem perfect for each other and everyone in the town wanted them to get married as well.
Richard, Rory’s grandpa passed away from a heart attack and it is shown in the show how Rory, Lorelai and Emily have to cope with the passing. It was sad to see such a great character passing, but they had to incorporated his death in the show since the actor Edward Hermann passed away in real life. Although I didn’t like that he passed I do think it was incorporated well into the show. Seeing Emily going through the loss and breaking down shows that not everyone is as strong as they may seem.
How Rory changed over the years really surprised me. I always thought that Rory would have been living the perfect life she planned but it didn’t turn out that way. She comes back to Stars Hollow with no place to live and no job. She has boxes spread out between her mothers, grandmothers and her best friend Lane’s houses and can never find any of her stuff. She decided to just stay wherever she wanted to, she didn’t have a stable home.
Rory has a boyfriend named Paul, but she always seems to forget who he is, she’s not really committed to him although they have been dating for two years and he eventually breaks up with her. Rory seems to be spending a lot of time with Logan who is living in London currently. She seems to want to date him instead of Paul, but Logan is engaged and his fiance moved back so she can’t.
It was a shock to see Rory living like this because I always thought she would have been very successful in Journalism. Having a great job and possibly being in charge of a well known paper is what I expected Rory to be at this time.
On the plus side for Rory she saves the Stars Hollow Gazette. The town newspaper that was going to end because the editor had to retire. Rory running the Stars Hollow Gazette and continuing the paper after it’s been running for 90 years was interesting to see. Her passion in journalism throughout the beginning of the show really shows again as she continues to run the beloved town paper.
Rory also started writing an autobiography featuring her and her mother’s lives. Lorelai don’t support the idea of the book but Rory continues writing the book anyway because she says she needed to. It is a great idea and it would be interesting for Rory to share their story to the world. At the end Lorelai says Rory can write the book and to name it “Gilmore Girls.” Seeing Rory write the book about the show we have all been watching for many years is exciting to see.
At the very end of the Fall episode the show ended with Rory looking at Lorelai and saying “I’m pregnant”. I think it was a great way to end, although it was a cliffhanger I loved it. I really hope they continue the show since a year in the life was only four episodes long, so we can find out who the dad is and how Rory handles the situation.


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