Review: The Candy Club 

Hey guys! My mom and I decided to do the candy club. This is our first time recieving a box and were super excited about it! We let them choose the candy we recieved this time and were really happy. In this box we recieved 6 different gummy candies. 

First one I tried was sour watermelon belts. I really liked these because of their shape. I love the belt style they remind me of airhead xtremes which I love. The watermelon flavor was also really strong and tasted amazing! 

The second one was gummi peach rings. I love peach rings so I really enjoyed this candy. Very strong flavor but just the basic ring shape. 

The third was Jelly filled twist cones. I think these would have to be my favorite ones. They were a cool cone shaped and when you bite inside a jelly came out which made it taste even better. I hope to get some like these again! 

Next were the sour green gummi apples. These were my least favorite. They had good flavor and were very sour. I’m just not a fan of stuff like that but if you like sour green apple then these are perfect for you! 

These peach penguins were very unique. They were cute little gummi penguins that tasted like peach. I wasn’t expecting them to taste like that but I really liked it. Very good peach flavor. 

The last one was the gummi clothes pins. I thought these were very unique since eating candy shaped as clothes pins isn’t a very common thing. Each color seems to be a different flavor but they were all very good! 

Overall I’m very happy with my candy club box this month and I am so excited fo get the next box! 

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