Planning your perfect Walt Disney World vacation

Walt Disney World is my favorite travel destination! I have been 8 times so far and I planned and booked my last two as well as my future two {35 days until we leave in April! 81 days until we leave in May!} So I have lots of information to share with you guys about planning the perfect vacation for this spring break, or for the future! Hope you enjoy! 

Walt Disney World can be the perfect vacation for your family this spring break but planning a trip can be as stressful as studying for finals. Here is some steps to help your vacation planning be less chaotic.   You should decide when you want to go on your vacation first. Walt Disney World does not exactly have an off season but there are times where the parks are less busy. The parks tend to be busier between the end of June until mid August and then again near Christmas and Easter. If you want to avoid the crowds than going in another month when crowds are low may be a better idea. 

  Next you will need to decide where to stay. There are many different resorts on Disney property perfect for everyone. types of resorts include value, moderate and deluxe packages. Each vary by themes, amenities, room styles and pricing. Campgrounds are also available to bring your own camper or tent for an even lower cost. 

  After you have decided when you are going and where you are staying you will then have to decide on what tickets you are going to get for the parks. You can get a daily ticket each day which gets you into one park for the entire day for around $100 per day. The park hopper option is also available for around $155 per day. That option gets you into all four of the parks for the entire day so you do not have to stay at one park all day. You can also do a park hopper with a water park option for a slight upcharge.  

  Now that you have your resort and tickets you will have to think about your food while you are there. You can either buy your snacks and meals as you go about your vacation or you can get a Disney dining plan. Three are available for different prices depending on your vacation stay and family size. 

  The quick service dining plan includes two quick service meals, a snack and a travel mug per day per person. A quick service meals are available at many resorts and all the theme parks. They will have the snacks marked at each place if the item is a snack option. Then you get a travel mug that is Disney themed which you can fill up with drinks at any resort during your stay.  

  The Disney dining plan includes one sit down, one quick service and two snacks per person per day. Sit down meals can be in any park or any resorts where it’s available. A sit down meal can be used at almost any sit down restaurant at the parks or resorts. The last choice is the deluxe dining plan which includes three meals which can be used as either a sit down or a quick service, two snacks and a reusable mug. You can start making reservations at sit down restaurants 180 days before your arrival.

  About a week before your arrival you will get your magic bands in the mail. Your magic band is a very important part of your vacation. You will get to choose your color and put a name on your band on the my Disney Experience app before they are mailed out. Everyone in your family will have their own magic band and it will be worn at all times. The magic band is your room key and your park pass. You will simply tap the little mickey on your band to the sensor to get into your room, the parks, use fast passes and charge to your room if you choose to do so. They are also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about ruining them in the pool. Once you get to Disney you will also be able to buy things to add to your magic band to personalise it yourself. 

  60 days before you arrive at Disney you will want to start planning your fast passes. A fast pass allows you to basically skip the line of your favorite rides. Each day you will get to choose three fastpasses a day at one park. You will choose these on the My Disney Experience app based off times that work well for you. The time you choose to ride each ride will be good for an hour. For example, if you pick the fast pass for the seven dwarfs mine ride at Magic Kingdom at 1:30pm you will be able to ride it anytime between 1:30-2:30pm. You will simply go up to the ride and enter the fastpass lane. A cast member will scan your magicband and then you will continue to the ride. A small wait may occur but it will be a lot less then waiting in the normal line. You can change your fast passes whenever you’d like but the sooner you make them the better times and rides you will be able to get as they do fill up.

  If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort the bussing system is perfect to make your trip easier. There are busses that will take you from your resort to any of the parks, ESPN World Wide of Sports and Disney Springs. There is a bus every couple minutes so it is easy to get where you want to when you want to. Once you get to one of the parks there is also busses that will either take you back to your resort or you can choose a different resort if you want to spend some time checking out other resorts or you want to enjoy a meal there. There is also busses that go from park to park at certain locations. Riding the busses can save you a lot of time and stress. Without taking your own car you won’t have to worry about finding your way, traffic or parking. Another plus is the bussing drops you off near the park gates, if you were to park you would have a long walk to and from the park gate.  

  It’s also important to know what to bring and what not to bring to the park each day during your trip. Selfie sticks are banned from all the Disney parks. If you have one in your bag they will be taken from you. Disney also sells no gum on property, so if you always have to be chewing gum I suggest bringing it with you from home so you always have it. Since you will be taking all your bags on each ride unless you rent a locker or stroller I suggest bringing a small bag that is easy to carry around. Some items to have in that bag would be money, your id, chap stick, travel size sunblock, sunglasses, medications and anything else you think you may need for the day. If you are worried about getting wet then having a poncho handy would be a good idea incase it starts raining.  

  Besides all the planning it takes to book your Walt Disney World vacation there is a lot to do once you get there. Magic Kingdom is the original park which captures the Disney theme. This park is very family orientated although they all are, but there is a lot of kid rides based off of Disney films, the Bibbity Bobbity Botique where you can get dressed up like your favorite princess or pirate and lots of shops, shows and restaurants to keep you busy while you’re there. At the end of the night there is the wishes fireworks and light show which is definitely worth staying for. 

  Epcot is another park at Disney which consists of two different parts, future world and the world showcase. Future world opens up a couple hours sooner than the world showcase and includes rides, shows, restaurants and different areas that have hands on experiences. In future world there is also a Coca Cola store where you can try different pops from around the world for free. The world showcase includes countries from around the world. Each country is themed and includes shows, restaurants and shops that make you feel like you’re traveling the world. You may also get a passport for a small price or a Kid cot which is for younger kids and is a paper puppet which you can take with you around the world and give to a cast member from that country. The cast member will stamp your passport and write something either about that country or in their native language. It is the perfect way to get the full experience of the world showcase. 

  Disney’s Hollywood Studios previously known at MGM is all about the movies. This park includes rides and experiences based off of your favorite Disney movies including, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Tower of Terror and many more. The park looks like you’re walking in the middle of a movie set as you explore each part. There is a Pixar part all about Pixar movies including the a ride themed to Toy Story as well as music themed rides like Aerosmith’s Rockin Rollercoaster. 

  Disney’s last theme park is Animal Kingdom. This park is like one huge zoo. The park is divided into different countries where these animals are from. The best way to look at all the animals is to go on the Kilimanjaro Safari which is a safari with a tour guide on a big bus around the with the animals. You will get to see the animals up close and personal for a once in a lifetime experience. Besides the animals there is also lots of shows, rides, shops and restaurants around the park.  

  Besides the four main theme parks Walt Disney World also includes Disney Springs, two water parks and ESPN World Wide of Sports. Disney Springs is free and perfect for shopping and great food. Both water parks are outdoor water parks with a lot to do. Blizzard Beach is more rides and attractions and Typhoon Lagoon is more relaxing including a wave pool with sand like the ocean. ESPN World Wide of Sports is a place to go get something to eat and catch all of your favorite sport teams. With all the options on Disney property there is a lot to keep you busy during your entire stay at Walt Disney World, where dreams come true. 


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