Preppy Stickers

Hey Y’all! I got a ton of messages asking to do a stickers post so this is it! I have recieved over 800 stickers with a lot of work but unfortunately I don’t have time to go through them all and take pictures, but I want to show y’all some I think you’d really enjoy as well as some places I’ve put them. I hope you enjoy! 

My favorite ones would definitely have to be my Vineyard Vines stickers. They aren’t very easy to get besides when you purchase something you sometimes get one. The blue one in the bottom left corner is my newest and actually is one of my favorite VV ones! 

My other favs would have to be Jadelynn Brooke. I have tons and tons of JLB stickers but I thought I’d include only some. I love the sayings and quotes. I especially love my white deer since I don’t see very many people who have it. 

Next is my Marley Lilly ones. I love the yellow one as well as the sweet tea one. I definitely am thinking of putting some of these on my planner soon!
Simply Southern ones are adorable. I had a few more big ones as well. I put 2 on water bottles and one on my car. But I’m saving these ones until I can find the perfect spot because they are just so cute!

I love summer ties stickers! I was always excited to see which 3 I got in the mail, I had lots more but I stuck them places. They are just so cute. 

I liked Southern Marsh because you could pick the color stickers you got but it also ruined the fun a little. But I love how big they are and the colors. They did take quite a while to arrive though. 

Tommy Bahama has so many different colored stickers and I love it. Just lookig at them makes me feel like i’m somewhere south. 

Aftico had some pretty cool stickers, I have more on items. I never got two of the same which I loved.

The traditional Yeti sticker of course and I had a few more square ones I sold. But I’m happy I kept some and hopefully I’ll get a Yeti cooler one day to place them on! 

I also really liked Costas stickers. The shapes and designs were unique and I never got two of the same. 

I gota few sheets from Sperry. I loved the little quote stickers to brighten my day. 

I love Lauren James but I wish their stickers were more fun and they had more then one type, but still super cute. 

I love sticking my stickers all over, here are justa few ways I have done so. 

Comment below stickers you have gotten and how you used them!❤


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