Review: Rise & Grind Music Group

I recently recieved a message from a member of the Rise & Grind Music Group asking if i’d be willing to write a review about their song. I haven’t done anything quite like this before but I thought I’d give it a shot! 

So I listened to their song and I thought a few things. I really liked the beat and thought it was really catchy. I listened to the entire thing and it kept me interested. I don’t normally listen to this type of music but I really enjoyed it. Although in the middle there was some lyrics and content I wasn’t a fan about, but I also don’t listen to music with those types of topics often either so that might me why. But I am happy they reached out to me and shared their song as it was good and I think it’s awesome they have created a song. I definitely would like to hear more again in the future and wish them a lot of success! 

Check out their song below! 


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