The Stress of Picking the Right College Major 

Being a senior in high school it’s time to start planning for college if you plan to attend. Which can be fun, choosing where to go, dorm decorations, meeting new people, joining clubs. It’s fun to think about all that but it can also be stressful when you have to decide a major. 

I myself had a hard time with it. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I wanted to go to school for a short time in return for a lot of money. Well that major doesn’t exactly exist…Then I decided that medical wasn’t for me. I didn’t want anything where I’d be working in a doctors office, hospital or wearing scrubs let alone actually taking care of patients like in nursing. I also knew I hated math anatomy and chemistry so a major with a lot of those classes probably wouldn’t be the one for me. 

Since I figured out what I didn’t like now I had to think about what I did like. I babysit a lot and I loved working with kids. But that didn’t leave me with a lot of options, especially because I didn’t want to work in a hospital or with any sick kids. 

But I was kind of interested in becoming an Elementary teacher and getting an endorsement in Early Childhood Education so I could teach younger kids as well. Since I really enjoy working with kids and spending time with them I thought i’d really enjoy working with them daily and helping shape little minds. Not to mention I’d get a good amount of vacations as well as being near the same schedule as my children once I had them. But i’m not going to lie the salary really made me second think. I felt like they didn’t make much for their job. 

I am attending college in the fall and I am still undecided. I still love the idea of being a teacher but i’m not certain. It’s a very stressful decision and I worry about what i’m going to do in the future a lot. 

It’s also really hard when you have adults in your life who don’t support your decision or what your considering and try to make you choose something else just because they don’t like the major your considering. But I think it really doesn’t matter what they think and it’s important to remember that it’s your choice and you need to do what you love. I also think it’s okay to be undecided. Yes it does stress me out but i’d rather consider my options and make sure it’s what I really want to do before I start going to school for it. I think it’s important that you don’t let anyone make you feel it’s not okay that you are undecided because I promise one day it will just hit you and you will know exactly what you want to do. 

I may be undecided but I have an idea and I’m not going to let that stress me out so much. I hope you all can find the perfect major for you as you enter college as well! 

If you are in college or graduated comment your major and why you choose it, i’d love to hear your story too! 


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