My Lilly Pulitzer Collection 

Hey Y’all! I also got a lot of requests to do some posts on my collections. The post wanted was my Lilly Pulitzer collection. So here it is! Enjoy!

This dress was my very first Lilly item as well as my favorite! It is one of the SPF 50 dresses as well which is cool. I love the fabric and the designs. Fits the best as well. Definitely my go to dress in the summer!

These are my lets cha cha sunglasses! As you can see my the worn off Lilly name I live in these in the summer. Favorite sunglasses I’ve had.

This Lilly jacket is also SPF 50. I love this jacket because whem it’s cold in the winter here in Michigan I am still able to wear Lilly. This jacket is so comfortable and I love wearing it.

I recently got this dress so I haven’t worn it out yet. But I love the pattern! I can’t wait to wear it at Ohana at Walt Disney World during spring break.

This shirt is also new. I love how it’s only one shoulder. So cute on! I definitely can’t wait to take this on spring break either.

My only pair of Lilly shorts but I love how many different solid shirts you can wear with this single pair. I wear them all summer long.

This Lilly set is on the older side and it’s actually Lilly Pulitzer girls clothes. I don’t wear them very much anymore but their still so cute and I love how thick the cardigan is.

Thanks for looking at my Lilly Pulitzer collection! I hope to be able to add more here soon! I’m actually going to Lilly this week to look at white Lilly dresses for commencement in June! I’ll post the one I get.

Comment below your favorite item/s and your Lilly items!


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