My Alex and Ani Collection 

I love Alex and Ani and wear their items almost daily. They can complete almost any outfit! 

Heres my overall but I have some collections as well. 

I love the silver bracelet it goes with everything and adds a little bling. I also love my friends bracelet. It means a lot to me as my mom has the best. 

This collection is my newsest from the Valentines day collection. My mom bought it for me for Valentines day and I love the rose gold. I also love the one with the little droplets, it’s so different which I love. 

This is my Cinderella collection from my Walt Disneh World February 2016. I love these as I am such a Disney and junkie and I hope to get more on my next trip. 

This is my only gold one. My aunt got it for my for Christmas last year. I was so unsure about gold but I actually really love it and wear it a lot. 

This collection is a lot about me. 3 is my soul number. R is for me name. Libra is my zodiac sign and sapphire is my birth stone. I love these because they all have a little piece of me. 

I also have one necklace which my other aunt got me for Christmas last year. It’s a guardian angel which I love and the length is adjustable which is cool. 

I love my alex and ani items and love mixing and matching them and wearing them everyday! 

Comment below your favorite Alex and Ani items! 


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