Commencement Dress Shopping 

Yesterday my mom and I went to Somerset Collection to go to Lilly Pulitzer to find the perfect dresses for graduation. My cap and gown are white so unfortunately I have to wear a white dress. On the plus side Lilly just released their white dresses!

Heres some dresses we tried on

#1: I didn’t like on the rack and I almost didn’t even try on but I’m happy I did and it fit amazing. The zipper is also like bamboo shaped which was so cute 

#2: I loved all the lace but I wasn’t a huge fan of the nude color under plus this dress was the most expensive reaching $300. 

#3: This was the dress I loved on the rack but not so much on. It wasn’t super comfortable and it felt really long. 

#4: I liked this dress. Wasn’t my favorite but it was pretty comfortable. 

#5: This was the last one I tried on. I really liked it besides the fact it was stiff so to sit for a while it wouldn’t be very comfortable. 

And for my mom…. 

#1: She loved this one, super soft and comfy and she loved the blue pattern. 

#2: This was more of an outfit we were thinking for Disney. But the shorts were too long. But super cute pattern. 

#3: She loved how this one fit and the pattern was bright and fun. Also the white on it made it look even nicer. 

#4: She als loved the bright pattern in this one and the super soft fabric.

#5: She really loved as well and wanted to get more for Disney. There is actually shorts under that dress! 

Her dressing room also had a super cute story about Lilly and Peter Pulitzer! 

So what did we go with?? 

My mom went with #3 and I went with #1!

Now only 100 days until Commencement! 


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