Happy Wednesday! 

Happy Wednesday. It has been quite a crazy day! We had homeroom classes today at school which we have for 17 minutes every 2 weeks but it’s crazy. All the bell schedules are different and messes everyone up. Then ontop of that there is crazy wind knocking down fences, power lines, trees and more. Mang people don’t have power and it’s not fun, I got hit with a tree branch picking up the kids I’m a nanny for from school…. My nana and papa who were supposed to come down from up north tomorrow had to come today because they lost their power and won’t get it back until Saturday. On top of that my parents are getting a new sleep number bed but it doesn’t come until tomorrow..But with my nana and papa coming down we had to move beds around for everyone. Fortunately I have a king size bed and my parents old bed with a kind so today we had to move the old full bed to the basement, my bed to the spare room and my parents bed to my room so that everything was moved for us to sleep and for the new bed arriving tomorrow. It was crazy and now my dads bunking with me for the night {My mum works nights as a nurse}. Then there has been a noise in my walls and ceiling for the last couple months, nobody believed me that I thought it was an animal. They all said it was the wind. But then my mum heard it today and thinks it is an animal so my poor dad has to crawl into the attic tomorrow to see…Although it was a crazy day it was still nice out with 53° weather in March. I just wish it would last…How was your Wednesday? 


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