My Morning Routine 

I’ve had a lot of requests to make a post of my morning routine so here it is, enjoy!

My mornings Monday-Friday are almost always the same during the school year. 

Mornings I straighten or curl my hair in the morning I have an alarm go off at 6:18am which I turn off and go back to bed until my second one goes off at 6:28am and them I get up. If I just wear my hair naturally or in a pony tail I have my warning alarm go off at 6:34am and then another at 6:44am when I actually get up. 

I turn off my alarm first and spend a couple minutes stretching in bed before actually getting up. Then I put on my glasses and some chapstick. I turn off my humidifier and then go to the bathroom and then start getting ready.

I always have my clothes picked out and laid out in my bathroom ahead of time so I never have to scramble in the morning to get ready. After I go to the bathroom I turn on Netflix on my ipad {currently Hart of Dixie} and get dressed and put on deodorant and my apple watch. 

If i’m straightening my hair I turn on my straighter then I brush my teeth and apply my make up. 

All my make up is by Bare Mineral and I wear cream under my eyes for the bags by Rodan and Fields then I apply my powder cover up, eyeshadow, lower eyeliner and mascara. 

After that I do my hair weather it be a pony tail, braid, just brushing it out or actually straightening it. 

Once all that is done I pick out any jewellery for the day. 

By 6:55am no matter what I do with my hair I always make sure I’m done getting ready and grab my ipad and head downstairs by then.

Once i’m downstairs I put my breakfast in the toaster. Which is normal a blueberry bagel with Arla cream cheese, a blueberry english muffin with butter or english muffin bread toasted with peanut butter and jelly. I also take an awake bar with me to eat during second hour. It has a half cup of coffee in it. Helps get my day started and keep me full. 

While my breakfast is toasting I get my lunch ready. I often eat either a chobai flip yogurt and an organic granola bar or a can of organic vegetarian soup depending on the day and the weather. 

I then put my topping on my breakfast and wrap it in a paper towel and take my water bottle filling it up with water.

I take my water bottle putting it in the side of my backpack, lunch in the front of my backpack and make sure all my school stuff is in there. Then I put my breakfast next to my purse because I eat it as I walk into school. 

All that is completed by 7-7:02am and then I sit on the couch watching more Netflix until 7:12am. 

Then I go upstairs to my bathroom again taking my vitamins and medications, go to the bathroom and grab any last minute things. 

After I go back downstairs putting on my shoes and coat. I turn off Netflix leaving my ipad there and grab my purse, keys, backpack and breakfast walking out between 7:19-7:24am. I load it all in the car and head to school which is about a 2 minute drive unless the roads are bad. 

Saturdays and Sundays do vary. 

I almost always try to get up no later than 10:30am. 

Days I tan I get up putting on lotion and head out to tan and then pick up Panera or Dunkin doughnuts for breakfast and then I come home and shower and get ready for the day. 

Days I babysit at 6am I get up throw my hair up and head out to babysit. I don’t really get ready if it’s a day I babysit until 6pm, days i’m done after a couple hours I come home and shower and get ready. 

Days I have nothing to do I try to get up by 10am and lie in bed relaxing until 10:30am before getting up and showering and getting ready then making breakfast and taking on the day. 
That’s my routines, what’s yous? Comment below i’d love to hear! 

Also comment below if you have a blog post idea. I want to write what you’d like to hear. 


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