What’s in my bag 

Many asked for me to make a post about what I carry in my purse, so here it is! 

My purse currently is a Kate Spade which I got about a two months ago. It was like 1/4th the size  of my normal purse so at first I wasn’t sure how well this was going to go. At first it was horrible, so small! But now I love this purse. Here’s what I carry. 

This is an overview. The front I have 2 pencils and 8 pens I use everyday for school plus two chapsticks. 

This is my matching Kate Spade wallet which I love! Sometimes I just carry this when I run to the store or something. 

Usually my license would be in the front but I can’t post a picture of that obviously. 

Inside my wallet I carry some giftcards, my pinkberry, Dunkin Doughnuts and Biggbys rewards cards. My platinum season pass to Cedar Point and my coupon for the book store at SVSU which I hope to use the end of the month. I also have some cash and my license. 

Inside I carry Eos lotion which I love because it doesn’t burn your hands when you have cuts, chapstick which I live for, life savers and Canadian maple syrup candies, a granola bar, my Bare Minerals lip stick and tyneol. I also carry other meds but with the bottle I couldn’t include it in the picture and my keys but currently my mum is driving my car. 

On the outside of my purse I always have hand sanitizer and I just got these watermelon holder and I love it! 

I hope you enjoyed, comment what you have in your purse! Also comment some other posts you’d like to see. 


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