Recent Shopping Haul

Yesterday I went shopping and got some new stuff from Somerset Collection. So excited to share with y’all! 

My first stop was Vineyard Vines of course! I went to get the easter tshirt but as you can see I didn’t lol. I figured I’d wait until it went on sale because I knew it wouldn’t sell as fast as these. I love the Kentucky Derby and unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend but I watch it every year. It’s my dream to go! I had a hard time picking which tshirt to get but I loved the mint color of this one and the ticket was cute too. I also fell in love with this quarter zip and in Michigan I’ll be able to wear it all the time. 

Next was Lilly Pulitzer. I loved all the new items and I wasn’t sure what to get. I tried on this dress and the one in the firsf picture of this post but I decided on this one. I love it on and the flamingos are so cute. The zipper is also neon green and has a flamingo too. Love it! I also got a luggage tag for my trip to Walt Disney World in 20 days. It’s so cute and says “Meet me at the beach” I can’t wait to use it soon, it’s already in my half packed suitcase. 

Here’s a close up of the tag and the free items. I got a waterbottle and matching bag. The waterbottle is okay. Really small and I probably won’t use it much but it’s still cute and it’s Lilly so of course I’ll keep it. The bag is really nice. The fabric seems really durable and a decent size. I’m taking it with me to Disney for the pool and I can’t wait. 

I also got some new Nike tennis shoes. They are orange although the picture doesn’t look like it. I don’t wear tennis shoes a lot but these are so comfortable and I’m definitely happy I got them! 

These weren’t at Somerset. But I just got these in the mail yesterday. They are buttons I bought on Etsy from a girl in the UK. The bottom ones are for my spring break with my best friend in 20 days at Disney and the top ones are for my aunt and I’s grad trip in May to Disney. They were custom ordered and I was so happy they made it on time!

I hope you enjoyed my recent shopping haul! Tomorrow I should have belly button rings in the mail and my stuff from Sand Cloud I can’t wait to share. 


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