My Personal “Diet” 

I got a lot of requests for this post so here it is. 

I hate calling it a diet because it’s not like I follow an exact diet or anything. I’m not following any plan this is all my own. 

I am 5’5″ and 120lbs. I stay right around the weight with little exercise and mainly be eating right and portion control. Some may say that is too heavy but I’m happy with it. Others may say it’s too light but I’m healthy and It’s a stable weight. I do not starve myself. I used to struggle with my weight and eating back my sophomore year but I have long surpassed that. 

Just a month ago I was not eating any meat but sea food. Due to lack of iron and protien I started eating just chicken and turkey again. Although I miss not eating it, it’s what it best for my health.  

First I’ll start with my weekly meals. They vary a little but here’s what my meal plan kind of looks like. 

Breakfast: I ususally choose 1 of 3 options. 

Option 1: English Muffin toast lightly toasted with peanut butter and organic jelly. This is yummy for breakfast and includes some protien which is always good! 

Option 2: A Thomas blueberry bagel with Arla cream cheese. I normally only eat half of a bagel in the morning and I ususally use light original cream cheese but they were out at the store last time. 

Option 3: Blueberry english muffin with butter. 

Along with one of those options I also eat one awake energy granola bars each morning for a little extra and some coffee. 

I pack my school lunch and I usually choose 1 of my 4 options depending on what sounds good. Sometimes my parents will surprise me and bring me a chicken wrap for lunch too. 

Option 1: Ready egg go! These currently come in 3 varities and they have a lot of protien! Some even have 21grams which keeps me full and good for me. 

Option 2: One chobai flip yogurt. PB and J is my favourite but i’ll eat any of them. 

Option 3: Hillshire small plates. These currently come in 2 varieties I can eat. They have two more but they include beef and salami. I love these just the perfect amount plus healthy. 

Option 4: Healthy soup! I like vegetarian and vegan options. I also eat it with 17 mini club crackers {A serving size}. 

In all my lunches I also include a mini water bottle just for lunch. 

For dinner it depends what my mom cooks that night. Often it includes a protien, starch and vegetable. Example: Chicken breast with rice and green beans. We all try to eat healthy. 

Another important thing is what NOT to eat. This is a list of things I haven’t eaten in a long long time. It makes a huge difference on your health and how you feel! {Exceptions at parties but if I eat them there it is a tiny amount}

Oreos, Pre Packaged Brownies, Chip Ahoys, Little pre packaged cakes, FAST FOOD, Nutty bars, Toaster struddles, Pop tarts, chips, Microwaveable Popcorn, mini doughnuts, Snack pies, twinkies, ding dongs, hohos, etc. 

Not saying I never eat these but I don’t very often. Most are high in fat and sugar which is really bad for your body. 

I try to eat things that are orgnaic and not processed. I’m not going to lie it definitely happens but my goal is to stay away from them. 

This was just a little brief of my “Diet” and by eating this I can stay healthy and at my ideal weight. 


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