My Planner

So my planner is a Lilly Pulitzer one. I got it in December and it’s the medium size I believe. Not going to lie my planner isn’t super organised..But I’ll show you some pics and kind of how I set it up.
I don’t really follow an exact thing each week. I don’t have a color for each thing or an order I write them. If I have a deadline, something needs to get done or theres an event it all just gets written on that day where it can fit. 

I do try to add lots of color! I love color and I didn’t want it to be all one color. So I always try to add things in with the color that the page is lacking. 

I write out as far as I can in advance. If I know something is happening next week or next month I go write it in now so I’m aware. I always like to be ahead. 

The little numbers under each day are my countdowns until Disney. I need to add a countdown until graduation!! I love my countdowns and am just a tad obsessed with knowing the days until my event so I had a few of the many I have on my phone in my planner as well. 

I also love adding birthdays. I have some added in now and add them as I remember them. 

My planner also has a cute little vacation spot so it’s fun to add in my vacay plans in too. 

Overall I just kind of add things when I can and make it my own. How do you set up your planner? 


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