Recent Shopping Haul! 

I recently went to Saginaw Valley State University for admit day and I went shopping in their book store then went to West Branch and Burch Run outlets! So here’s what I got. Enjoy! 

At SVSU I went to learn more about their education school. After the presentation they gave me the education tshirt which I love. I think the quote is empowering and doesn’t degrade teachers for once! 

The Jacket was from the book store it’s under amour and was around $75. It’s light and comfy and perfect to rep my school. 

Next stop was Gap! I love this store. I got lots of different tshirts. They were all around $10 each. I love the tshirts because I can wear them babysitting and it’s okay if they get messy. 

I also got a striped quarter sleeve. It’s perfect for cool weather plus its svsu colors. 

Also the shorts I love the pattern and they will go perfect with a solid top and were around $30. 

At Gap I also got these Oxfords. I’m in love with these shoes!! They were $35 and go great with many outfits. Very preppy. 

I also went to Ann Taylor Loft. I got tons of cardigans as you can see. I believe they are about $30 each. I love cardigans because they can go with almost anything. The more colors you have the more possible outfits. I absolutely love them. 

I also got 3 sweaters that are around $45 each. They are light and perfect for the spring. 

I got two pairs of leggings which were $12 each. They are nice and thick and perfect for the cold Michigan weather! 

The last thing I got were the jeans that were around $70. I love the color and the rips. I also got a size 0 which I was so excited because they are actually really big. I normally don’t wear that small so I figured I’d be pushing it but I loved the color and that wad the only size near mine left so I was so excited when they were big! 

That’s it for now but I can’t wait to shop some more and shall with y’all soon! 


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