Shop my ambassador products! 

As y’all know i’m an ambassador for many brands or I earn rewards through referrals. So here’s some of the items I got. Mini reviews, links to buy with lots of discount codes. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you buy anything! It helps these amazing brands and myself so any purchase makes a difference. Thanks!! 

Summer Ties: I recently bought this shirt from Summer Ties through reward points. I love this shirt although I haven’t actually been to Martha’s Vineyard i’ve always wanted to and I thought this shirt was super cute. It looked really big when I opened it up as a small but it actually fits really well and I can’t wait to wear it soon. I also have a bikini from them coming soon I can’t wait to share soon! 

Shop Summer Ties using my link and get a 20% off discount code to use!

Free Grance: I recently was sent some soaps  to try from them. I was so excited to get them. I haven’t tried them as I’ve been having some skin problems with my hands. But everything is almost cleared up now and I plan on using one tomorrow and I can’t wait to let y’all know how they work. I have smelled them and they smell great! They also sell earrings that are super cute. 40% of their sales go to women to help them start their own business and get out of poverty and human trafficking. 

Shop Free Grance and use my code NorthPrep10 for 10% off your total! Also enter their giveaway!

Staniel Yahtsman: I recently got some shirts to rep for them! I was so excited and they are really nice quality I was vey impressed. They also have a sea bass and crab style which I definitely will have to get soon. 

Shop Staniel Yahtsman and use my code NORPREP15 for 15% off your total!

Jadelynn Brooke: My most recent rep box from JLB. I love their stuff it’s all so cute and I get so many compliments on their stuff! 

Shop Jadelynn Brooke and use my code RIHS17 for 15% off your total!

Wakaya Perfection: I recently got all this lovely things from one of their consultants. I haven’t had the chance to try the face mask or the Bula bottle yet but I need to soon. I took some Ginger and so far it has had some great benefits. The aroma smells amazing too! 

Contact @Taylor.dreambig on instagram for more information on how to purchase. 

212 West: I love these items from them. I love being able to personalise the items witj words that means a lot to me. I love the bracelet because you can wear it so many different ways. I also love the bag chain and I keep it on my purse. It’s also really cool because you can change the words up. 

Shop 212 West using my code BLOGGER15 for 15% off your total!

Sweet Southern Monograms: I love these decals with the Lilly prints especially. They make life just a little preppier! 

Shop Sweet Southern Monograms and use my code Northern for 10% off $5 or more!

Pink Alligator Bracelets: I love these bracelets! They are magnetic which is so cool and the Lilly prints are adorable and make them even more preppy. They also have watches which i’m in love with! Also scarves and towels which are super cute! 

Shop Pink Alligator Bracelets:

Rodan and Fields: I love the mini facial! Love it. I also love the eye cream. I have had bags under my eyes since preschool and this helped a ton as I don’t have them as much which is nice. 

Shop Rodan Fields through @lbeneco on Instagram 

ColdDiva Collections: These wax melts are amazing! They all smell so good and I love melting them. The candles have glitter in them too which is such a cute homemade touch. They also have bath bombs which i’ll definitely have to try in the future. 

Shop ColdDive Collections:

Sandcloud: I love sandcloud! I have 2 towels, a water bottle, a shirt, bracelets and stickers now. I love that they help marine life because I love marine life and I definitely believe saving our ocean is super important. 

Shop Sandcloud and use my code rachelir25 for 25% off your total!

RIM Vinyl Designs: This is my own business and my most recent items. Custom magic band decals for my trip to Disney for spring break. I can add decals to almost anything or I can sell just the decals! 

Shop RIM Vinyl Designs on instagram @rimvinyldesigns and use the code Northprep15 for 10% off $10 or more! 

Also use my other links and discount codes! Message me on instagram @thenorthernprep15 for something once you buy! Thanks! 

Southern Sands: plus $10 off! 

Skye and Grace: Plus get 25% off! 

USA Palm:
Pretty Little Monograms: link!
Sashka Co: RIM15 for 25% off your total plus free shipping !

Meraki Journey: WZXWCW4JC1NA to get 10% off your total! 
Revolucion LA: NorthernPrep for $20 off your total! 

Saylor Style: Irodenko10 for 10% off your total! 
Folded Lavender: TNP15 for 15% off your total!
Climate Supply co: SPRING for 15% off your total! 

Wellness Water bottles: TNP20 for 20% off your total! 

Paisley Paws: RACHEL5 for 5% off your total! 
Simply Gold Accessories: RACHEL15 for 15% off your total! 

Olive it Botique: olivenorthprep for 10% off your total! 


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