Review: Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table is a restaurant in the castle at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. This restaurant counts as two sits downs if you have the dinning plan, but it was definitely worth it! 

After we signed in before we were seated we got a picture with Cinderella.

 Then we went up princess stairs to higher up in the castle where were seated in this beautiful room. 

This was the menu. The seasonal fish was salmon and the seasonal dessert was cheesecake with strawberry. I loved the mosiac on the one side. 

Automatically we got an appitizer plate per every two people. Since there was four of us we got two plates. That included two types of bread, blue cheese, goat cheese, different meats, a fig sauce and the yellow sauce which I forget the name but it was spicy so I didn’t eat it. 

We all recieved these wands for the wished ceremony where they play music and we all make a wish. Little princes got swords. 

I choose the seasonal samon for dinner because I don’t eat much meat and I didn’t want chicken tonight. My mum had beef and shrimp and sam and her mum had chicken. They were all really good and very filling. 

The first princess we met during dinner was snow white. She was so cute and I’ve never met snow white before, at least I don’t remeber it so it was fun to meet her. 

Next was Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. I loved her pink dress and she was really nice. 

Ariel aka The Little Mermaid was next. She was fun she was telling me about her dress and used little under the sea puns which was fun. Her contacts were a teal color which was so pretty that her eyes matched her dress…goals. 

The last princess was Jasmine. She was nice and it was fun to meet her as well. 

The desserts were very yummy! The first was like a chocolate mousse. The second was the birthday cupcakes Sam and I got and the third was a pineapple carrot cake. They were all super yummy and got too filling. 

Overall I loved this dinner it was so much fun and so cool to meet all the princesses. The food was great and I loved eating in the castle. I can’t wait to come back soon! 

Also enjoy some mosiac designs in the walk through of the castle. 


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