WDW: Meeting Tiana, Rapunzel & Belle 

At Walt Disney World we got the opportunity to meet princess Tiana, Rapunzel and Belle. It was a lot of fun and here’s some pictures of it, enjoy! 

I loved Tiana’s dress it was so big and poofy and I loved it! She told me that if I ever visited New Orleans to visit her mum who would make a dress for me! If only it was true lol. Then she wanted to spin with me since I was in a dress too which was really fun. I love meeting and interacting with them. 

I loved Rapunzel’s hair. It was so long and pretty. She was telling me how Pascal helps her design her dress and she figured he helped with mine too. She was saying how great of help he was and how she enjoyed it. It was so cute and fun talking about it! 

I was suppost to get professional pictures with Belle but they never showed up on my photo pass! I was so upset about this especially because I was dressed up as her which we talked about. She called me duchess Rachel and said she wants to come visit my kingdom. 

I loved meeting the princesses especially dressed as one. It was so much fun! 


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