WDW: Meeting Buzz & Woody

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios they have an area to meet Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. As you walk in the line to meet them there is little photo ops to take pictures as you go through which makes the line go by that much faster! 

The first op was the buzz lightyead box on woodys bed. 

The second op was “The claw!” which was fun to take pics in. My mums face was the best! 

Next was the box in Sids room. It was fun to act like we were trapped or scared. 

After that was the rocket. In the first pic Sam was supposed to be Buzz and I was supposed to be Woody.

Then we were attacked by surg! Well it was fun to act like we were. Again I loved my mums face.

After we became our own toy story toy! I had fun pretending I was breaking out of my box lol.

Last was the airport. I popped out of my suitcase!

Finally we got to meet Buzzy and Woody! It was fun posing with them and goofing around. 


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