Review: 212 West 

In the past I posted about 212 West and their necklaces. Which today I want to share their wrap bracelets and bag chains! 

When I open the box it comes with this lovely little note. I love when businesses give little notes like this. It makes each customer feel special! 

This was my bag chain when it came. I picked out the words and they included two chains for me as well. I now have it hanging on my purse. This is my favourite item from 212 West. 

Like on this instagram story post this saying couldn’t be anymore true. God is strength. I believe as long as you have God you will have strength. God does some amazing things and I love having this on my purse to look at throughout the day to remind me.

This is my wrap bracelet, I also got to pick out the saying and the colour of the bracelet. Dream Believe Achieve because I feel like you need to dream what you want to do, believe you can do it and with hard work you can achieve your dream! 

This is what the bracelet looks like on. I really like it. It was a little hard to put on by myself but besides that I really like it and enjoy wraring it. 

Make sure to use my code BLOGGER15 for 15% off your bag chain or bracelet from 212 West soon! 


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