Review: Staniel Yachtsman 

I recently got some shirts from Staniel yachtsman. I wanted to share the shirts with you as well as give you some codes to get your own at a discount! More pictures and posts in their shirts coming soon as soon as it warms up some and I can take some outside pictures 

These are the four styles I recieved. I recieved 2 dolphin and 2 turtle styles. One of each in long and short sleeve. 

The turtle one is super cute I like the colors! 

I love the dolphin one too. Dolphins are my favourite animal so I really enjoy wearing this shirt 

This is what the front of each shirt looks like as well. I really like that it covers the entire front instead of just in the corner like a pocket like many companies have. 

You can use my discount code to get a discount on these beautiful shirts from Staniel Yachtsman! 

The long sleeve were a little big but just because they only had mediums left. But they are super cozy! Perfect for Michigan winters. I can’t wait to also wear the shirts all summer long and share a lot more picture with y’all! Please let me know if you use my disount code. 


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