WDW: Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian 

The Grand Floridian is a Victorian themed deluxe resort at Walt Disney World. They offer multiple different tea parties in different parts of the resort and for different ages. My mum and I went to the afternoon tea at the garden view tea room. 

The was the view of the garden from our table. 

This is my mum and I seated at the table ready for our tea. Our chairs were pulled out for us and the hostest also took our napkins, unfolded them and placed them on our laps. It was quite lovely. 

These were the package options. We choose The Cheshire Tea. We each got a cheese and fruit plate, assorted mini sandwiches, Biscuits and jam and then assorted pasteries. 

This was our cute little tea cups and cups to hold sugar. There was brown and white sugar cubes for your tea. They also had these cute little tea pot covers which kept the tea nice and warm between cups. 

We each got to choose a tea. I forget the exact names we got but we each got a herbal tea and I know mine had a lot of berries in it. They both tasted very good. 

After we got our tea we got some frut and cheeses along with two crackers. I love cheese and fruit so I was quite excited to try these all. They were very good. The rasins on the vine was cool too. I’ve never had them like that. 

Next we got mini sandwiches. There was egg, tuna, cucumber and I a couple others. They were okay. Probably my least part of the tea but I still ate them and enjoyed them. 

After the sandwitches we got jam and biscuits. There was a lemon jam, butter and apricot jam. The biscuit had rasins in it and there was a little tart with strawberry jam inside. This all was very yummy I really enjoyed it. 

Last was our pastries, we each got a swan pasterie with strawberry lemonade filling, 2 macroons and a chocolate covered strawberry. They were all very good and the perfect finish to our tea. 

Right outside where we were sitting there was Mrs. Potts and Chip on the floor. I love this little detail. This is what makes Disney so great! 

I also recieved a rose from Aurora’s garden for my birthday and it smelled amazing! 

Overall I really enjoyed the tea and I was so happy to spend an afternoon with my mum bonding over some tea and great food. I can’t wait to go back again soon and have another tea! 


Meanwhile…my best friend was at ESPN sports bar enjoying a burger while I was at a British tea party. 


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