Review: Postmark’d Studio

Postmark’d is a subscription box that sends you a stationery box every month! I’m really excited to write and share this review because I love stationery stuff! 

I recieved a ton of different things and I was so exciting looking through them all. 

I got these library cards in a bunch of different colors which is perfect for flash cards, note taking, etc. 

I got a pencil. I don’t normally use wooden pencils anymore but I like having them from different places so since this one has the logo on it, it’s perfect! 

Next are these three cards. Their super cute and I can’t wait to write letters in them. The last one’s calandar is an actual 2018 calandar you can change with each month. 

I also got a cute retro pencil case full of pencils and an eraser! 

I got two post cards. The first is really thick which I like and the second one is super cute! 

A stack of envelopes always comes in handy.

I love all the unique stamps I got. Different then just an american flag which I usually use. I’m excited to use them when sending my letters. 

Lastly was a sheet about letters to the elderly. I’m reallt excited to send some letters to them to make an elderly persons day! 

I loved this months box, the old fashion retro is just up my alley! I would definitely subscribe to this box and if you want to too then check out the link below! 

"Old School" Special Delivery Box


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